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Gregory’s Textbook of Farriery should be read by everyone interested in horses, especially those who endeavor to pursue a career in farrier or veterinary science. If you are a farrier or hoof care provider of any kind you should own two, one for your work truck that you can hi-light dog ear, sticky note and reference everyday and one for the coffee table at home, it’s that good!

Bryce Kawasaki, CJF | Head Instructor of Farrier Science at Montana State University


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Hoof Knives

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I recently purchased your RH and LH hoof knife from our local farrier supply. I have been shoeing horses for better than 50 years and have to say that your knife is about the best I have ever used. The design and quality of the blade does a great job, and the feel and leverage of the handle is welcome in my old hands. Thanks for offering a superior product.

Chip Busick | Calhan, CO

This book really did help me… I’ve bought a lot of textbooks, but I cant say I have ever read one in seven days. As you start out, sometimes it’s hard to find someone to answer questions. (with the right answer.) It seemed I found answers to things that I didn’t even know I had questions for. For example: which nail to set first. I had problems with the shoe setting back off the toe. I had always just moved the shoe forward when I nailed to compensate. I didn’t realize the toe nail hole moved my shoe. It even impressed an ol’ timer with the nail set too high trick. This book outlined specific things that I SHOULD know as a hoof care provider. Thank you for providing me with your insight and thoughts on this great business. The more farriers I get to talk to the more I learn about this business the more I love it. It’s turned into a hobby that I get paid to do!

Mike Gallick

The Gregory s Textbook of Farriery is a wonderful book for any farrier or blacksmith. It is very detailed where other books are not. I had did have another book on the principles of horseshoeing, and I tried to use it for school and as a reference. But it was not as easy to read as Gregory’s Textbook of Farriery, nor as detailed in the steps of making shoes, or the DRASTA of lameness. I use my textbook from Chris all the time, and it is a must if you are a farrier.

Nathan Wilson

When I first bought your book I used it as a how to book to making various shoes. The step buy step color pictures are awesome. For the first month I owned the book it did not leave the shop and got very dirty sitting on the tool stand. Recently, after spending time at HHS, I started studying my anatomy. After almost a decade of higher education I can say that the problem with most textbooks is that they are not organized to promote learning. A lot of time is wasted picking through books and organizing information before you can start to learn it. Your chapters on tendons and ligaments are broken down and organized perfectly to promote learning. I have to admit I still rely on my old horseshoeing book heavily though. I have l table with a short leg and the other book fits perfectly under the short leg.

Phillip Norton

Chris Gregory’s book is just as inspirational as he and his school. It may be impossible to look at this book and not see the passion Chris brings to the trade. I am hard pressed to find a subject that is not covered and that is not up to date and at the forefront of modern research and innovation. The numerous color photos bring a tactile touch that aids learning as much as modernly possible. Step by step instruction is clear and concise. The information is there if you have the time, tools and inspiration to follow through. Chris brings with him an incredible good will to the trade. He and his family are the best advertisement for his book. If you’ve met them you may easily be inspired to pick up this book and become an able bodied farrier. The only thing lacking is the true grit you will need to do the job…but if you look long enough in this book you may just be inspired to grow some.

Alan Dryg, CJF

Your book is a one of a kind! The pictures and diagrams are amazing. The descriptions are right on and everything you need to know is in this one book! Doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out or been in the business for a long time, this book is a must have!! Even for those of us no longer practicing, what a great read! Congratulations Chris on a job well done.

LeAnne Fifield Smith

I love your book I feel like it is very in depth but easy for a beginner to understand. And each picture is like ten thousand words and makes a tremendous difference in being able to visualize what I am learning. It is awesome!

Anna Mcguire

Gregory’s Text Book of Farriery is the next step in the evolution of farrier science textbooks. It offers clear and concise instruction in the art of farriery.

Darrell Christopherson

Gregory’s Textbook of Farriery is not only the most comprehensive volume of shoeing but is also readable and enjoyable to look through. After reading through it the second time. The best part is how inspiring it is to do better work.

Dan Wirth , CJF

Cody judge at a competition I took part in in South Africa in 2008, and what an honor it was. I now reside in Dubai and shoe here. I purchased one of Chris’s books, and have not looked back. What an honor and privilege it is to know a man with such dedication and skill that can only add to our industry as farriers and blacksmiths. Well done Chris and family.

Alan Theron

To all of the up and coming hoof care professionals. If you only buy one textbook during your career, this is the one to have. It covers everything you will come across and more.

Laurie Tonita

Gregory’s Textbook of Farriery is an essential reference for both equine veterinarians and farriers. As a veterinarian, I have found this book to be full of wonderful photos, diagrams and radiographs that illustrate anatomy and pathology of the equine foot in detail that is lacking in many veterinary texts. As a farrier’s wife, I know that my husband appreciates the practical information and easy readability of the text. Chris is a wonderful speaker, and his “voice” comes through loud and clear in the text.

Sarah Barlau-Russell

Chris Gregory has really written a gift to the equine community. Gregory’s Textbook of Farriery is a comprehensive farrier textbook, reference book, and forging manual all wrapped together in an easy to read book. It is easy to navigate for reference and organized well for student and seasoned farriers. It is exceptionally well illustrated throughout with clear color pictures that stand out far above any previous works in the field. The case studies are very well documented with timelines and photographs depicting all the necessary details for comparison and study. This text is like having your own clinician with you wherever you go. You will not find a more comprehensive farrier book at any price.

Walter Varcoe

My name is Mike Bagley, I have been a farrier for 23 years and am a B.W.F.A. certified Journeyman II. I have a very large collection of books on the subject of farriery going back to the 1800`s. I ordered the Gregory’s Textbook of Farriery as soon as it was available and received my signed copy within a few days.

As soon as I opened the book and began leafing through it I realized this was one of the finest and most original works I had ever seen. Chris and his family offer a fresh and welcome perspective on the subject of farriery. It is easy to see their passion for preserving and advancing the trade in this book.

Mike Bagley | Canton, Ohio

I found Gregory’s Textbook of Farriery to be the best textbook on the market today hands down. I am a former high school science teacher and I can honestly say Chris’s book makes all other horseshoeing textbooks obsolete in the same sense that computers made typewriters obsolete.

Jim Rennie

I have read your book a half a dozen times or more since getting it and I’m impressed with what you put to paper. That was a tough job and I’m glad you did it. I can’t see any similarities to others but obviously someone felt infringed upon. As for your book, I felt it was well written, especially as to be used as a teaching tool. As a person with a college degree in education I thought you did a great job laying things out and explaining them so that newcomers, and those not as educated as they thought, could understand them and learn from them. I did find some spelling and grammatical, errors but nothing tragic. Some areas I wished you could have gone into more depth on but understood why that was not done within the scope of this book. It would have made it a lot longer. That just gives me a reason to look for the info elsewhere to expand on what you’ve planted in my confused little mind. I keep reading it over and over and learn something new, or learn something more in depth/better than I had. It brought together some things I was having trouble wrapping my mind around from some other books that used more technical jargon and less common sense and common language. With the help of your book now all that technical stuff makes sense and I can even talk about it using the technical terms with vets and other farriers. It has been a great tool to put those things together while working towards my CJF, and having the knowledge to pass the written test. The anatomy sections were of the greatest help as that is an area that many two-dimensional drawings leave a person wondering what it all really looks like. The multiple drawings from all sides really put things in perspective. Over all I think you did a great job putting this book together and getting it out to the farrier world. It will make a difference in many young farriers lives as they start their journey in this career.

Ben Sturman

Gregory’s Textbook of Farriery contains a mind blowing amount of information. If you have a thirst for knowledge of hoof care, shoeing and farriery then this book is for you.

David Hankin Dip.WCF, P3 Equestrian

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