I have a philosophy of teaching that has been used for centuries with great success. It basically boils down to that you teach in the hardest environment and that makes the reality of the skill actually easier than the training. As one of our shirts has written on the back of it, “The More We Sweat In Practice, The Less We Bleed In Battle”.

This type of training regimen creates strength that many people don’t understand or appreciate. Over the years I have had many messages from graduates that will read like this. “Hey Boss, today was tough. The horses were hard and it was one long day. But, even the hardest days are easier than the easiest day in the Heartland”. I have to be honest, that sort of message really makes me feel like we are doing our job well.

The other day I was tagged in a post on Facebook by a graduate named Jake Krous, AKA Dr. Love. He said it all in a great way, so I am sharing it here. If you have what it takes to get a diploma from Heartland Horseshoeing School, you have what it takes to make a living shoeing horses.

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