About Our Clinics

If you are looking to have a clinic with Cody or Chris, they are available for a variety of events and activities. Large supplier clinics, regional or international competitions, or small private hands-on clinics. Regardless of the event, the costs charged are the same.

When you are planning a clinic, both of the Gregory’s charge:

$350 per travel day
$750 per work day. 


To calculate expenses, you can estimate the average domestic ticket to be $500, and many international tickets will be between $1200 and $2500. The airport parking ends up being about $10 per day. They use airports that are between 75 and 150 miles away, so you will have from $75 to $150 in the drive to the airport. Also, due to some interesting experiences, they do require a hotel for the duration of the clinic. That will vary depending on where you are.


With that said, your average 2 day domestic clinic may look like this:

Drive to XNA $120
Parking 4 days $40
Airline ticket $460
Hotel, 3 nights $300
Travel day, 2 $700
Work day, 2 $1,500
Total for clinic $3,120


If you are planning a private clinic, please make sure you get your deposits ahead of time so that you are able to make enough money to make it worth doing. We have lost money on clinics we have hosted in the Heartland, and that is not a great thing for anyone.

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Clinic Resume

  Chris did his first clinic for pay at Danny Ward’s school in Virginia in 1992. From there, he has done clinics in all but 7 states, as well as 6 continents. He has been a speaker at the AFA Convention over 5 times, and has been a speaker at the International Hoof Care Summit over 10 times.   

  Chris is the creator and author of the FITS (Farriers International Testing System) Exam, that is used by the countries of Brazil, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Argentina. The test has also been offered in the US at a couple of locations. Chris has served as the head examiner for the FITS Exam in many locations, and was an Examiner of the Worshipful Company of Farriers for 5 years. He has also been a member of the American Farriers Team that competes each year in Stoneleigh at the Internationals.

  Chris has done many hands-on dissection clinics, forging clinics and shoeing clinics. These are generally for groups of 12 or less. For demonstration clinics and lectures, the groups have been as large as 600. He has also been the judge for some large contests, including the World Champion Blacksmiths Contest in Calgary.

  The AFA has recognized Chris with its Jim Linzy Outstanding Clinician Award twice, and Outstanding Farrier Educator Award 3 times. He has also been a Mustad clinician for over 20 years.

  Cody did his first clinic in Iowa as a 16 year old, and never looked back. He has become a Mustad clinician as well as a retained representative for Anvil Brand. Cody has been the top American competitor at the World Champion Blacksmiths Contest in Calgary, as well as captain of the WCB team that won the World Championships. Cody has been the WCB National Champion, the WCB reserve champion, and went on a streak where he won 8 out of 10 WCB contests in a row. Cody was also a member of the American Farriers Team.

  With a competition resume that goes back to winning his first buckle in a farrier contest at the age of 6, there are very few clinicians that can provide the same level of education and expertise to your event.

  Cody has judged many contests, and has done all sorts of hands-on clinics, including power point and white board lectures. He has been a speaker at the AFA Convention, as well as an examiner for the FITS Exam. He has done clinics and judged contests on 5 continents, and is being sought out more and more.

  In addition to the clinics, Cody is producing a line of tools that are of the highest quality.


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