Kelly Gregory | CF

Kelly Gregory

Kelly Gregory, CF

Who is Kelly Gregory?

   Kelly has been helping Chris with their shoeing business since before their marriage in 1988.  She took a 4-year break from the rigors of farriery after college to stay home with their 2 kids, Cody and Jacquelyn.  Once they moved to Missouri and opened Heartland Horseshoeing School, Kelly became an American Farriers Association Certified Farrier, and began working with Chris full time as an instructor.  She has competed in several horseshoeing contests, including the World Championship Blacksmiths Contest in Calgary, and has some buckles on the wall that attest to her competence.  In 2006, Kelly was named as a co-winner of the American Farriers Association Outstanding Farrier Educator of the Year award with Chris.

   Kelly has been around the world as well, shoeing and helping with clinics on 6 continents.  There have been several times where seeing Kelly working was the first time the people in that country had seen a woman working on a horse.  Then there are places like Canada where she did a clinic aimed at the huge female farrier population in that country.  She also appeared as a competitor on a show on The History Channel called Forged in Fire as part of a 2-woman team making knives.

   Kelly brings another element to the art of education, and is a huge asset to the school.  In addition to being an extremely capable horsewoman, Kelly is especially adept at helping beginners understand the practicality of what they are being taught.  Kelly attended college on track and cross-country scholarships, and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Home Economics as well as a Minor and an Associate of Arts Degree.

   Kelly is an irreplaceable member of the team that is dedicated to making you one of the best farriers in the industry.  Her ability to work on even the most uncooperative horses help to give students confidence and guidance.  You will never be asked to do something a HHS that Chris or Kelly would be unwilling to do.


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