Our Textbook is now an Audiobook!


We have decided, (with the help of the amazing Mr. Brian Mullins), to offer Gregory’s Textbook of Farriery in an audio format.  When we started on this venture, there was a lot about the audiobook industry that we did not know about.  There is a reason that audiobooks are so expensive, and we were in too deep to turn around when we learned this.  As such, we have this book available with three options.  You can buy the hardcopy of the textbook with the audio book for $220 total.  $140 for just the audiobook, or if you already have a copy of the textbook, contact Chris directly to get a discount on your audiobook.  We may trade your picture for a discount, ☺.

Buy the book + audiobook combo
If you already own the book and want the audiobook discount contact Chris Gregory.


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