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Journeyman Farrier Course

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- 24 week duration
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Graduates will receive

Graduation & beyond
- Certificate of Completion
- Trophy Buckle
- Anvil
- Propane forge

About the Course

    This is it!  The course that we always dreamed of having at HHS.  The Journeyman Farrier Course is the ultimate course for those that demand only the best from themselves and those around them.  24 weeks is a long time to go to school, but it is a matter of perspective.  If you compare the amount of time people spend going to college to prepare for a career that is less rewarding (financially and the way you will feel about what you are doing for the horse and their owner) than farriery, it really isn’t that long.  The individuals who have the drive to successfully graduate from the Journeyman Farrier Course will have all the skills and knowledge to be the next generation of leaders in the farrier industry.

    The first 12 weeks of this course are the same as the Professional Farrier Course.  Students will be required to take all of the same tests to the same standard as those in the Professional Farrier Course.   After the first 12 week are over, HHS closes for a short break, and the students in the Journeyman program will be placed in an internship wherever they wish to go.  You will basically see what the life of an apprentice is like for this time if you choose to take advantage of it.  Chris and Cody have farrier contacts around the world to draw on, so students can pick where they would like to spend their time away from school.  Students will have to pay for their transportation to and from where they chose, but room and board will be exchanged for their work while they are doing the internship.  This makes the Journeyman Farrier Course an even greater value since it can be considered longer than the 6 months scheduled.  

    When class resumes, there will be many complex and advanced forge projects during the last 12 weeks that will test and build the skills to a very high standard.  Students will only be allowed to use handmade shoes that they have made for the last 8 weeks while shoeing.  This will help prepare students for the FITS Exams, the AFA Certified Journeyman Farrier exam, as well as their final horse.  The final horse is the equivalent of the practical portion of the AFA Certified Journeyman Farrier test.  The final horse consists of shoeing 4 feet with handmades, toe-clips in front and quarter-clips behind, in 2 hours.

    In addition to the advanced forge work required in this course, students will also be involved in additional dissections.  Students that are meeting the standard can choose to sit through the classroom portion of the course during the last 12 weeks, or use that time for forging.  There is one additional written test for our Journeyman Farrier Course students.  By the time you are taking this test, your skills and knowledge will be up to the challenge.

    The Journeyman Farrier Course is only offered once a year.  It is our least expensive course on a per week basis as well as the course we recommend the most.  We know that not everyone can afford to spend that much time away from home, but if you are able, you won’t be disappointed.  Successfully completing all required work to the high standard demanded will earn you a Certificate of Completion, trophy buckle, anvil and forge. 

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